Born on the island nation of Malta and living in Canada for most of his adult life, Roger Scannura released Vintage Flamenco in 2018. A worthy addition to his repertoire of critically acclaimed albums, the nine track Vintage Flamenco features all the virituosity that Roger brings to the world of 21st century instrumental flamenco guitar. With nine tracks that clock in around 38 minutes, Vintage Flamenco is the optimum album to hear Roger’s dazzling guitar technique and witness his craft for composing memorable melodies and his overall scenic approach to flamenco. Key to Roger’s inspiration is his family, including his wife Valerie Scannura and his daughter Anjelica Scannura, who are collaborators with Roger in their world-renowned Ritmo Flamenco Dance & Music Ensemble, based in Toronto, where Roger also teaches guitar at York University. Roger’s daughter Anjelica inspired the title of the Vintage Flamenco track “Anjelica”, which features the only appearance of Roger playing a passage on Fender Stratocaster, to make up for a missing cellist who was supposed to play the part. Roger tells "The cellist did not show up for the recording session so there was a Fender Stratocaster in the studio and I overdubbed and channeled some Carlos Santana licks." Roger spent years perfecting his flamenco technique and he puts it all together on Vintage Flamenco, which serves as a veritable instrumental music tribute to his fondness of wine vintners and vineyards that make infinite wine varieties. With many of the Vintage Flamenco tracks composed and recorded and featuring titles of favorite vineyards and the specific grapes that are then turned into wines, it’s hard to select a favorite album track. In contrast to Roger’s 2009 album Noche Flamenca, which featured several guest artists, including his wife Valerie,the 2018 CD release of Vintage Flamenco spotlights Roger’s instrumental guitar and compositions in a truly solo setting—enhanced only by his own occasional guitar overdubs. Noting inflluences from the late great Paco de Lucia and other flamenco guitar legends of the past, on Vintage Flamenco, Roger Scannura brings the hard-earned grace and dynamic tension of the flamenco guitar into a higher dimension. Vintage Flamenco is a compelling and completely authentic expression of respect of and devotion to the entire flamenco genre. ” - Robert Silverstein

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