Roger Scannura Flamenco Guitarist/Composer Roger Scannura is an internationally recognized flamenco guitarist and a leading exponent of Nuevo Flamenco.Scannura was born on the history drenched island of Malta. His early schooling began at the Franciscan Monastery of St. Theresa where he was tutored in European history, Latin, fine art and art restoration. He has been immersed in music since early childhood and mastered the techniques and nuances of Flamenco guitar while in Spain for 12 years under the auspices of Pepe Habichuela and other gypsy masters. He has toured Europe and North America as a soloist and as a Music Director for several flamenco dance companies. He is also a founder of the acclaimed Toronto based dance company Ritmo Flamenco. Scannura with his group has performed for Prime ministers,Dignitaries as well as an assortment of celebrities including,Russell Crowe and Sting. Scannura has recorded eight cds of original flamenco music encompassing both traditional and modern styles. “rarely is flamenco guitar played so eloquently with just the right amount of passion and grace”- 20th Century Guitar Magazine. Expulsion and Memory.Descendents of the hidden jews. TV Ontario Gemini Award 1996 Claudia Morggado Escamilla 2000 “ a gifted composer whose music is as beautiful as it is haunting” The Globe and Mail Film and Television: Martirio Rendezvous wth Stacy Simon The food network 2015 Recordings: Saracen 1993 Medina 1995 Encore 1999 Noche flamenca 2002 Otra Vez 2005 Vintage Flamenco 2010 Vida Flamenco 2012 Sirocco 2014