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I'm very grateful for what I absorbed while under your wing. With incredible talent you create a wonderful art.
Hello, It is great to see how successful you have become. I pulled out your cd the other day, Saracen. It's wonderful! We were collegues in the mid 90's working on the 98 olympic as my last big project with the company before I moved on to other adventures.
Hi Roger, I heard your music , you are fantastic, keep up the excellent work. I used to live in the appartment 2 at 119 st Michael Street. We where neighbours
Very proud of you keep up the good work.
Greetings! Am your old cousin, taz-Zija Marija, sister of your dear father. Am very please to note your great achievements in the musical field. Keep it up and many best wishes. Charles
YouareBrilliant Keepitup Hibrother Loveyourmusic you are genius Keep it up
Roger, Valeria & Anjelica ... Thank You so much for accepting our impromptu invite to jam at our shop Geyserville Vintage with the others of the Just Strings Festival in Geyserville CA. What a treat to hear you play and to see the dancing.
I am sure we are cousins, my father is Joseph Scannura 1923 oldest son of Louis and Ben Venute. I live in Lousiana. Never new I had a famous guitarist in the family.
Hey Roger, The class was awsome, like last time i took it. This class taught me that flamenco players are prob the best guitarists haha. Anyways, when you start playing concerts, ill definitly come watch you play. your performance, today was awesome and maybe ill try learning flamenco pieces one day, since they seem fun to play Have a good rest of summer Robert
I couldn't recall a single guitar chord when I first entered the class, now I know at least 7 :)...and a couple cool songs...your style of Flamenco playing really opened up a new genre of guitar music for me We got one more performance up on Tuesday, it's been a fun class, hoping we can jam sometime when I get better, Cheers!
After seeing you play from the first time I kind of wanted to just sell my guitar knowing I would never get to that level. Then I thought, I'll still be able to impress the people who have never seen you play...so I changed my mind. I just wanted to let you know that your class at York is by far the best course I've ever taken. In the few weeks that you've been teaching us, I've taken in a lot of interesting content about famous artists, and have also realized that I only play a few of my chords correctly. Anyway, I spiced up your bio a little bit in my scrapbook so make sure you actually read it! Can't wait for the performance this thursday! Matt
...hahaha after reading what I just wrote I can honestly blame my cat's paws for all the a a a's and the repeats as I was shooing her off the desk.. lol.. she insist on sleeping on the keyboard,...but the message is hidden somewhere between those typo's ... :))
Dear Roger, As you know I am still enrolled in your class, and that is because I love the positive energy you give out in the class room. our music classes is when I come to relax and just enjoy music, as opposed to the hard university life at York U. When starting in fall 2009 I did not even know how to hold a guitar properly, but after being a a a part of the coolest class in the York u history, I am now not only holding a guitar the right way, but now I have learned to not only hold it right, but also read chords, sing along and perform live. I have also been encouraged to continue writing my own songs and recording music. I think your class will be the first and last thought in my mind when thinking of York U when I am 80 years old, sitting and looking through my music journal :) I think you and your family are wonderful people and very successful in my opinion, that I am honored to have met you and to have been your student. In any case, I hope that after these next two weeks we will see more each other (perhaps I will enroll in your class again for the third time - if that's not too weird...hehehe) Saying that, I will see you in class on Thursday and I am looking forward to seeing you and your wife perform together! Sanaria
Roger, thank you for a wonderful year of guitar lessons at York! I enjoyed every class with you especially the day you taught us that magic trick (with the fake thumb) lol! Before I started university I couldn't play anything on the guitar besides a 'G' chord... now I can play whole songs and can read tabs! I am still working on getting more proficient at playing but you have inspired me to keep it up. You are an awesome teacher and I'm glad I had the chance to meet you! : )
Hi Roger! Thanks for being the coolest teacher and an inspiration to keep on playing the guitar! Taking guitar classes with you as the teacher is one of the things I will always remember! Thanks for all the valuable lessons! God Bless.
Thank you for being a nice teacher! I enjoyed your music and teaching, and I learned a lot from you. ^_^
Michael Stacey (Los Pistoleros) and myself Michael Daugherty will be at the guitar festival this year. Stacy is a local flamenco pro, I play and also cajon. Hope to meet you, maybe we can do a tango together. Mike D
Hey Scannura, its your faithful student Madison... the waitress from York U... that butchered those awesome gypsy rhythms.. I want more lessons, are you still at the school?
Roger and Family, We my wife and I attended the Mill Race Festival on Aug. 2 -3 and really enjoyed your performances. Thanks for entertaining us and the rest of the town. :) Keep up the great show!!
Dear Roger We enjoyed the drive back from Belville, with your music....... after a long time I've enjoyed new sounds! Very livening at that Glad to have met and shared ... You make a great couple...would like to see and listen to you again! Lucky & Cheena
I tend to be very avoidant of most people. But once in a while someone comes along and touches my heart, and inspires me to be great. I am not accustomed to the kindness of others, which makes me appreciate it all that much more. you may not realize it, because it is part of your essence, to be patient and kind and dedicated - but it is those qualities you express in your teaching that remind me to be better, and that weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. I am fortunate enough to learn from you not only music, but how not to be Weak.
Dear Roger, you are such a kind and sensitive brother, loaded with talent and passion for music.I enjoyed your show on friday and to watch Marissa perform with you was a pleasant suprise.Bravo to both of you,God Bless,love your sister.
Hi Cousin (2nd) by all means but still family. My name is John Louis Farrugia and my connection to the Scannuras, is through my mother Maria oldest daughter of Louis Scannura and that makes us second cousins. I live in The UK and am sorry to say I heard of you through my cousin Louis's wife who said you might like to make an aquaintance, so there now you got my email address should you like to use it PS I have my aunt staying with me @ present and she lives in Tarpon Springs Fl, she'll be returning there around the 5/6th January. She is your fathers cousin, my Mum's sis, and she knows your parents very well. She would love to hear from you, in case I don't hear from you (as we're goin to Malta for a forthnight starting 1st Dec) have a wonderful Xmas
I'm honoured to be able to study guitar at York with such an experienced yet humble musician. Looking forward to exploring the instrument with you.
I am delighted to convey my warmest greetings to the most talented musician.Your great contributions to the maltese culture and achievements that shines a bright star for me.Keep playing and enjoy each moment, very proud to be your sister, love always...MaryRose
Hello Roger I'm in the p3 class at QBS, and I just want to say that I love your music! It's been so amazing to be able to dance to live flamenco guitar, especially as you're so talented. Thanks for giving me a wonderful experience!
hello roger , I have seen you once when i was very young . I am the daughter of pauline who is your cousin daughter of matthea scannura. We send you our best wishes and hope to meet you someday. your music is wonderful.you can do magic with a guitar!!!!
Roger, just discovered your website via Maltamedia.net. You are very talented and am enjoying listening to your music online. Well done. I like the colour scheme on your web pages too. Sahha from Australia.
Hi Roger, I am you're cousin, son of Louis Scannura Sr, who was born in Malta 1929. He is the son of Venute Scannura. I live in Califonia with my wife and son in the San Jose area. Recently relocated here to work for Apple computer corp. I'm hoping you will be playing in the San Francisco or San Jose area soon. Would love to see one of your're performances. Kind regards, Mark Scannura
Hi Roger, Have heard alot of good about you from Anil,I really enjoy listening to your music,,Its very romantic as well,,,Keep up the great work,,,God Bless
Hi Roger, I would like to thank you for your comments about the cospicuaparish website. Well done for your success with your music, you're performing in Canada and keep it up. Hope that one day we will see you in Malta for a Holiday.
Maestro Roger! Keep on playing, creating and teaching the rhythms of Andalucia.
Mr. Roger your music is great. I would like to ask You, if it isn't much of trouble, to send me Burnin' up tab. It's my favourite song!
I really enjoy your music. My Favorite songs are "Marissa" and "El Ritmo". Your music is my inspiration for learning to play the guitar. I hope to one day be able to play some of your songs.
Hi guys! Your site looks great, will be in touch next week.
I am very glad just having discovered your music. Please, put up some songs on your site, so that others can hear them! I enjoy listening to them very much :-)) All the best, Andrea http://www.andreagerak.com