I am now available to teach private lessons at my studio in The Stockyards District in Toronto. I also have a studio in Picton,Prince Edward county. Email for prices and locations, to book a lesson or for more information. I am also available for intimate ,acoustic solo home concerts.



January 22 Harbourfront Centre Theater Toronto Canada. February 17 Jerez Villa Marta Theater Spain. March 12 Medina theater Malta March 4 to 13 Zihuatanejo Mexico guitar festival May 14,21 and 28 Vineyard tour Prince Edward County Ontario Canada (Part 1). June 11,18 and 25 Vineyard tour Prince Edward County Ontario Canada (Part 2). July 8,9 and 10 Blissfest Detroit Michigan U.S.A October 7 to 9 Sonoma Music Festival U.S.A.
Kol Nidrei. Todos los votos Spiritual redemption and flamenco Flamenco has been a way of life for me. The music of the gipsies of Southern Spain affects me like no other. My journey into flamenco began with an aunt from Spain visiting my family in Malta where I was born. Tia Marguerita came and stayed with us every summer.She would cook for us and while cooking listen to flamenco and dance around the kitchen. During the day I was studying art and art restoration at a monastery,listening to Gregorian chanting,but when I arrived home the house was full of flamenco guitar music. As I grew up I studied music,drums mainly and then moved on to classical guitar. Although I love classic guitar music it did not fulfil me the way flamenco did. One day,after I saw Pepe Habichuela playing,I decided this was the music I wanted to play. I asked him to teach me,but he refused saying guitar is too hard. This was in of all places,in Toronto Canada where I was studying Graphic Design. When Pepe finished his stay in Toronto he said to me "If you are serious about learning flamenco guitar come to Spain and I will teach you." I was 17 years old,and after 3 months I showed up at his house in Granada Spain and asked for lessons. I studied with Pepe and other gipsy masters off and on in Spain for twelve years. Rhythm and more rhythm,respect for gipsy culture and the fine art of improvisation within these complex mysterious rhythms. In the meantime I traced my family roots in Spain all the way to 1500,from Cadiz,to Tunisia and to Malta. The path of the Conversos during the Spanish Inquisition. I would return back to Canada every year,and with each year more people had heard of flamenco and were learning to love it. At the time I got serious about it,flamenco was not popular and when I announced to my father (a professional soccer player) that I was going to become a flamenco guitarist his reaction was " great!,you and the other man who likes it should do ok!" This motivated me even more. A few years later,perhaps 1979 I saw Paco De Lucia perform for the first time ever,I had been listening to his music since 1973,but now I heard him live. There was no looking back. This is what I was going to do. I made flamenco guitar my life,touring with dance companies,composing and finally recording. After 25 years I had produced 6 cds of original flamenco guitar music,heavily steeped in tradition. Eventually I was asked to teach at York University. The opportunity gave me a chance to spread the word of flamenco to young people. Aside from students at the university I teach others who have a love of guitar and flamenco,such a person is Mr. Harold Levy. During one of his lessons we started to work on Taranta ,a gipsy rhythm from Sacromonte,Granada Spain.Imediatly Harold said "This reminds me of Kol Nidrei". I had no idea what he meant. Soon as he left I started to research Kol Nidrei. I was fascinated by this simple ,haunting melody,spiritual and moving,flamenco but not. I then listened to many Kol Nidreis,Max Bruch,Sephardi,and countless others. The diversity was amazing. At Harold's next lesson,he brought up the Kol Nidrei subject again. I explained that I now know what that is and how moving the melody is. He then suggested I compose a flamenco Kol Nidrei. This set me off on a 6 month journey of listening and comparing Kol Nidrei to flamenco,digging for the right flamenco palo that it would work in. After months of working and trying different palos,it dawned on me, my eureka! moment,Kol Nidrei is the roots of several of the cante jondo,being Segurillas,Tientos,Taranta and Solea por bulerias. I might even say of all flamenco. Let me explain. Flamenco started around 500 years ago,a time in Spain called the age of Conviviencas,meaning everyone got along. Christians,Muslims and Jews. All got to practice their religions freely. The only ones excluded were the gitanos,or gipsies,because of their lifestyle. The gitanos could hear Christian church music from out side the church and also Cantaors in the synagogues and Emirs in the temples. All this was put into the melting pot known as flamenco. To the gitanos flamenco is the only was to talk directly to god. Armed with 25 years of flamenco playing,and the worst winter in the history of Toronto I locked myself up,considering the weather divine intervention,I proceeded to compose my Kol Nidrei. The most important thing I wanted to achieve besides being true to Kol Nidrei and being true to flamenco,I wanted to retain the improvisational aspect of flamenco music. I have written my Kol Nidrei in sections,or modules they can be performed in any order the artist feels compelled to do.I feel this will result in different versions,with freedom for the performer wheter he is a classical or flamenco guitarist. It is important to me that guitarists other than me will be interested in performing and sharing the Scannura Kol Nidrei. I will be eternally grateful to Mr. Harold Levy for introducing me and encouraging me to undertake this journey through hundreds of years of music full of passion,happiness and redemption.
The winter term begins on Saturday, January 5 and runs until March 31, 2013. Students who aren’t sure what level they belong in should ask me, as there is no “time period” for each of these levels. Everyone learns at a different pace and factors like previous dance training and class attendance will determine how quickly a student progresses. Students should be able to handle a majority of the class material to both progress and enjoy the classes. We want all students to reach their full potential while understanding that as the levels get higher – so does the intensity and pace of the class. For more detailed assessment and help with technique, we recommend the occasional private lesson to accelerate the learning process. Studio Location: 19R Atlantic Ave. (Liberty Village) Map located on www.ritmoflamenco.ca or www.anjelicascannura.com or call 416 707-9164. MONDAYS FROM JANUARY 7 – MARCH 25 Intermediate Flamenco (Valerie) Mondays 6:15pm-7: 15pm (no class Feb 18) BULERIAS As students approach Intermediate level, the Bulerias compass with its 12 beat marking system is very important to learn. Students will continue to improve all areas of technique and palmas while learning choreography. Class accompanied by Roger Scannura. Registration: $165 (11 week course) Intermediate 11 Flamenco (Valerie) Mondays 7:15pm – 8:15pm (no class Feb 18) ALEGRIAS Originating in Cadiz, the Alegrias is a lively, vivacious dance also in a 12 beat format. It is a technical dance and shows the versatility of the dancer. Class accompanied by Roger Scannura. Registration: $165 (11 week course) Intermediate Castanet/Sevillanas Mondays 8:15 – 9:05pm (50 minutes) (no class Feb 18) Students continue to learn castanet and classical Spanish dance technique. The second phase of the Sevillanas (reviewing and perfecting movements) will be covered. Registration: $155 (11 week course) TUESDAYS FROM JANUARY 8 – MARCH 26 Mixed Level Bellydance (Anjelica) Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30pm This class teaches students how to isolate the hips, shoulders, chest and stomach. The benefits of bellydance are: all movements improve flexibility of the spine and strengthen the spinal column and abdominal muscles. Choreography is also learned. Registration: $160 (12 weeks) Single Class: $15 Introduction to Castanets Tuesdays from 7:30-8:00pm (Valerie) This 30-minute class is designed to accompany the 1 hr flamenco class. It will give students the basics of how to play castanets, as well as arm co-ordination and placement for turns and will also cover steps from the Sevillanas, which is Spain’s most widely known dance. Castanets are available to borrow or students can order through the school. Advanced Beginner Flamenco (Valerie) This course is for those with no experience and also beginner level students with less than 1 year of training. The class will review the basics of technique, arms and footwork and will challenge each student in the class. Choreography will also be taught to enhance the understanding of working with guitar. TOTAL REGISTRATION FOR BOTH CASTANET AND FLAMENCO: $220 REGISTRATION FOR FLAMENCO ONLY: $180 (12 week course) Single 1-hour flamenco class: $17 WEDNESDAYS FROM JANUARY 9 – MARCH 27 High Intermediate Flamenco (Valerie) Wednesdays from 6:15 – 7:15pm CARACOLES A “baile intermedio” with a rhythmic cycle similar to an Alegrias but with less structure. Uses a fan. DUE TO ONE CANCELLED CLASS PREVIOUS TERM, THE AMOUNT IS CALCULATED FOR 11 WEEKS INSTEAD OF 12. Registration: $165 Advanced Bata de Cola (Anjelica) FANDANGOS Wednesday from 7:15 – 8:15pm The technique of dancing in a bata de cola (dress with long train) require students to be at an advanced level. DUE TO ONE CANCELLED CLASS IN THE PREVIOUS TERM, THE AMOUNT IS CALCULATED FOR 11 WEEKS INSTEAD OF 12. Registration: $165 (12 weeks) Intermediate/Advanced Classical with Castanets Wednesday from 8:15 – 9:15pm BULERIAS This dance will have elements of flamenco and classical as well as use of the castanets in the Bulerias rhythm. Registration: $155 (12 weeks) DUE TO TWO CANCELLED CLASSES IN THE PREVIOUS TERM THE AMOUNT IS CALCULATED FOR 10 WEEKS INSTEAD OF 12. Registration: $150 THURSDAYS FROM JANUARY 10 – MARCH 31 Master Class Thursdays from 6:15 – 7:15 MARTINETE WITH CANE (Siguiriyas) (Anjelica) The compass of the siguiriyas is marked out using a cane, which makes it one of the oldest forms of flamenco. This was often done before guitar became part of flamenco. Students will need a cane for this class. Registration: $165 (11 weeks) NO CLASS JAN 17 DUE TO RFDC TECH REHEARSAL FOR DANCEWEEKEND. Professional Training Thursdays from 7:15 – 8:15pm This course debuted in summer school and was very successful so we have decided to continue it into the fall. The focus of this class is to learn various repertoire from the company and/or work on whatever we feel is necessary to take students to the ultimate level of understanding performance. Registration: $150(11 weeks) DUE TO CANCELLED CLASS PREVIOUS TERM, AND CANCELLATION OF JAN 17, THE FEE HAS BEEN CALCULATED OVER 10 WEEKS. Registration: $150 SATURDAYS FROM JANUARY 5 – MARCH 30 Advanced Bata de Cola Saturdays from 12:30-1:30pm (Anjelica) CARACOLES This class is continuing into working with bata de cola and fan in a beautiful “Caracoles” White fans need to be purchased from the school. Registration: $165 (12 weeks) NO CLASSES JAN 19 DUE TO OUR PERFORMANCE IN DANCEWEEKEND. DUE TO ONE CANCELLATION PREVIOUS TERM AND A CANCELLED CLASS ON FEB 16, THE AMOUNT WAS CALCULATED FOR 10 WKS. Registration: $150 Zambra Mora (Flamenco/Arabic fusion) (Anjelica) Saturdays from 1:30-2:30pm This class is into its 2nd year and is also very popular. It fuses flamenco and belly dance which results in a beautiful style of dance that heavily works the core. Lower body and legwork pertain to belly dance while flamenco arms and hands are added to make a diverse mix of techniques. NEW STUDENTS WELCOME. NO CLASS JAN 10 DUE TO OUR PERFORMANCE IN DANCEWEEKEND. Registration: $150 (11 weeks) or $17 single class Introduction to Flamenco (Anjelica) Saturdays from 2:30-3:30pm (Jan 5 ,12 26, Feb 2,9,23, Mar 2,9,16,23,30) NO CLASS JANUARY 19 DUE TO OUR PERFORMANCE IN DANCEWEEKEND AND NO CLASS FEB 16 AS WE ARE AWAY. This class is for new students or students that are still at a beginner level. All techniques pertaining to flamenco dance are taught as well as choreography, Rumba Gitana. Students will need shoes with a bit of heel and any comfortable workout clothes. Registration: $165 FOR 11 Weeks or $15 drop in. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION. Register in full before JANUARY 1, 2013 and receive 5% off your balance. Special packages: Register for 2 classes and receive 5% discount. Unlimited Winter Term Package for students taking 3 or more classes at $470.00 (may be paid in 2 installments: Jan 1 and Feb 15, 2013 We accept cash, cheque or online payment through E -TRANSFER and PAYPAL to ritmoflamenco@hotmail.com Please make cheques payable to Valerie Scannura. ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAXES Studio Policy: The studio does not give refunds on missed classes. We can pro-rate a course if a students wants to join a class already in session. If you are ill or have to work t that does not affect the course registration. The studio has the right to cancel a course if registration is low or if we have a performance or for any other reason and we will make up this class at a date that is convenient for most students. Either Valerie or Anjelica or substitute teacher Sachi O’Hoski teaches classes.
An annual showcase featuring students of the School of Ritmo Flamenco. Featuring 40 dancers and musicians.

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